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What is the quiz?

There are 2 different quizzes; 1 for haircut & style only and 1 if you would also like to color your hair. The quiz helps me learn about your lifestyle, your hair goals, and hair type/texture so I can handcraft the perfect look for you! There are multiple choice as well as fill-in questions and a couple of questions that will ask you to upload photos. Before you get started, you will want to take a picture of your current hair in natural light and find a photo of the cut you like and a picture of the color you like. Be as detailed and honest as possible in your responses to receive the best results.

The idea behind this quiz is for me to help you find the cut, color, and style that you're looking for or didn't know you were looking for. It's a great jumping off point for our consultation if you are coming in to see me for services. You can also take this quiz if you live out of town and just want to get some professional advice before going to your hairstylist. Once you submit your answers, you will receive the results in about 72 hours. Take a peek below to see what you can expect!

What do I get after I take the quiz?

Image by Jess Bailey


A Customized look just for you!

Based on the answers to the quiz, I will handcraft a color, cut, and style that fits your desires, lifestyle, face shape, and hair type/texture



A list of products and tools that are perfect for you!

I will give you a detailed list of what you will need to do your hair at home and a how-to guide on how and when to use them

Image by Taisiia Shestopal


A guide on when to come in and for what services

This schedule lays out when you need to come into the salon, what services you will need to havedone, and what you can do to maintain your hair at home in between

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